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Bt ethernet cable too short

If you're new to BT Broadband and setting up your broadband connection for the first time, we strongly recommend you follow the instructions that came with your Hub. If you've already set up your broadband connection and would now like to connect another computer using Ethernet, follow these steps:. But if you have Full Fibre, you will need a Cat5e Ethernet. BT will supply this, and it's the cable with red ends.

You can buy Cat5e cables elsewhere, but they might have different colours. If you use a regular, yellow-ended Ethernet cable that BT supplied with Full Fibre, it will still work but will be slower. If you can't see the icon, check that there are flashing green lights where the cable goes into your computer. If you're having trouble connecting to the internet, make sure the Hub's main light is blue. If you've manually changed your network settings like your IP address or DNS server in the past then you might need to change these settings back to automatic for your BT Hub to connect successfully.

Ask the BT Community. Make a complaint. Contact us. The connector looks like this:. Setting up Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your computer, and the other into the Hub or router. Make sure the connections are fully pushed in - you'll hear a click as they lock into place Wait for a moment until you see an Ethernet icon on your computer.

This will mean you're connected. If you can't see the icon, check that there are flashing green lights where the cable goes into your computer If you're having trouble connecting to the internet, make sure the Hub's main light is blue. Still need help? Was this answer helpful? Tell us how we can improve this article Select an option that apply: it's too long.

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How do I connect my device to my BT Hub by Ethernet cable?

Author Topic: Why would a too short Ethernet cable cause network problems? Read times. I was having some strange network problems with my PC, from taking excessively long for the link to come up to slow network performance. There is an 8 inch or so patch cable going from the onboard NIC of the embedded Atom platform to the internal switch. When I replaced that patch cable with a 3 ft patch cable, everything worked perfectly.

Thinking that cable is defective, I connected it to a network analyzer and no matter how I flexed the cable, it always tested fine. If I use that cable to connect some other Ethernet devices together, it works fine.

Why would a cable that is too short cause problems? Cryptocurrency has taught me to love math and at the same time be baffled by it. Cryptocurrency lesson 0: Altcoins and Bitcoin are not the same thing.

If a transmission link is affected by reflections bEcause of bad impedance matching, a short link may be worse than a long one reflections are more attenuated.

Paulo Professional Tinkerer, www. Psi Super Contributor Posts: Country:. You could try force the speed to mbit instead of auto. That can help sometimes. Greek letter 'Psi' not Pounds per Square Inch. Did you also move the Atom system further away from the switch when you changed the cable? Maybe it was some interference from the switch causing problems with the Atom mainboard Switched to 24 inch and problems went away. This oscilloscope isn't telling me anything all I see is a squiggly line The boards remained in exactly the same place.

I found another short cable that is about the same length and I get the same problem. So I'll just use the 3ft cable and find a way to neatly route it. Actually, with all the work that was going on, it's a little messy and all the cables look like they need to be carefully rerouted.

I suspect the equalization circuits are not expecting such a short cable does Gigabit have a minimum cable length specification? I found the datasheet for the RTL and there's a 3. Maybe the receive amps are powered from the 1V rail and cannot accept strong signals. Such an issue would be quite problematic in embedded Ethernet, where the signals run on one board or several boards connected by connectors like NICs on plug in cards with a switch in the backplane without going through any cable.

How to Use a RJ45 Splitter BroadBand LAN Ethernet/ Combiner

The problem coul be in the transmitter as well. A transmitter with bad impedance matching ie poor transmit return loss will not attenuate reflections from the receiver end much.However, there are some easy steps to follow, using easily-available equipment, that can make phone wiring repair easier.

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I encounter faults from bad phone wiring repair very often. It keeps me in business. Twist and Tape. This results in the cables eventually snapping due to bending stress, or corroding.

Far too bulky. Then the tape dries out and falls off. Finally, if exposed to damp, the cable corrodes and causes problems…. Take a look at this horror photo….

Mains Wiring Block Terminals? The plastic things with screw tops. They look ghastly. Car-Type Bullet Connectors. Actually, BT used to use something very similar to these, but they still need to be of good quality and have the correct tool to work well. They need to be crimped up correctly. Possible but not advisable.

There are better ways to effective phone wiring repair. Well, if you have the patience… But you still have to insulate the joint with something. Or, even worse, when you come to work on them, putting them right takes a long, long time. If only they knew…. It makes positive electrical contact. Well, if you have somewhere to hide them, jelly-filled Scotch crimps sounds like something from a Burns Night Supper… are ideal.

If your DIY customer has cut cable too short in a socket, they can be used as a very quick and compact way of extending a wire. Again, these are available on-line.Whether you're looking to set up a new network at home or at work, or you want to enhance the performance of your existing one, BT Shop's got you covered.

From long ethernet cables to patch cables, you'll find the network cables you need right here at BT Shop. Our range of high-quality networking cables includes products from top manufacturers such as StarTech, Cables Direct and C2G.

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Can I extend my ethernet cable line?

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I have a friend that just cut 2 lines, spliced em together, and threw some electrical tape around it. I dont even think he soldered it.

Of course, YMMV, and dont blame me when you get inconsistent packet errors. Go to a store that sells networking cables, and ask for a coupler. Mine was 7. Works like a charm. I've used the couplers, they work just fine. Shame on you guys, I'm surprised it took until the 5th post to come up with a coupler. This reminds me of a good story, we had an intern in the datacenter at the last place I worked. My boss and I were doing some new cable runs and came up about 10" too short.

My boss jokingly said "I wish I had my cable stretcher about now". Well the intern was eager to help out and said "Where is it? I'll get it for you".

bt ethernet cable too short

So we sent him running around the building asking people if they had seen the cable stretcher. A jack and plug may look nicer, but you don't always have someplace to mount it. They are rare, but do exist.

I have had mixed results when using a coupler on a CAT5 run over feet. There have been times where the alternative was to pull a new cable, which meant pulling up some freshly laid carpet. As far as cable stretching goes. Can I extend my ethernet cable line?

Deep Blue. I prefer the jack and plug method over couplers. Posted: Fri Jan 24, am. Posted: Fri Jan 24, pm.Sign In Forum Help. Turn on suggestions.

bt ethernet cable too short

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Did you mean:.

bt ethernet cable too short

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Message 1 of 3. Connecting the red ethernet cable with my smart hub 6. Hi everyone. The instructions tell me to plug the red Ethernet cable into an Openreach modem. What do I need to do. StewM Guru. Message 2 of 3.

Re: Connecting the red ethernet cable with my smart hub 6. Just plug directly into the wall socket. Message 3 of 3. From the help pages: 1. Recycle your existing kit If you have it, unplug all your old broadband kit, including your old power plug. You can re-use your filter and Ethernet cables so please keep them. You can unplug your white Openreach modem, as you don't need this with the Smart Hub.

If you try to use the Smart Hub and Openreach modem together, your broadband 2. Connect Plug the broadband cable grey ends into your Hub and the other end into your master phone socket.

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A master socket is the main socket for the phone line in your home. It's not an extension socket. Depending on your socket type, you might need to use a filter. Plug in Slide the two parts of the Hub's power plug together until they click into place. Connect the power cable to your Hub, plug it in at the wall and switch the socket on.

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Position your Hub It's vital to put your BT Hub in the right place: the nearer it is to where you use it, the better. Solid surfaces like walls, doors, wardrobes and cupboards slow down 5. Turn Hub on Press the Power button on the back of the Hub to turn it on. The light on the front will change colours while your Hub sets itself up. This takes a few minutes. Your Hub is ready when the light turns steady blue.

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If it isn't blue, see connection troubleshooting below for help with connecting. Connect your devices You'll need your Hub's wireless network name and password. They're on the back of your Hub.Sign in. Forum Blog Browse. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Drop cable to Master Socket is too short - what do I do? Posts: Hi, Can anyone suggest what do I need to make an extension on the drop cable to master socket pls?

Because the drop cable was relocated and it is now too short to reach the master socket, can I have a junction box before the master socket to make this extension? Message 1 of All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Community Veteran. Posts: 14, Re: Drop cable to Master Socket is too short - what do I do? All connections from the outside to your master socket is BTs responsibility and you are not allowed by Law to do any changes to that side of the connection, including adding an extension cable.

This is why there is a Master socket as the lower removable section is for you to connect internal wiring to.

bt ethernet cable too short

So you will have to get BT to reconnect you and you will probably be charged for it. Message 2 of I prefer to use the little 6 way junction boxes you can get, fit one of these or similar to the incoming cable and then run another piece of normal telephone cable to the master box, there will only be 2 wires in use not the normal 4.

Alternatively you can re-locate the master box or even fit a second master box. Message 3 of Thx for above replies, astarsolutions can you pls explain how 2 run a second master box in line?

Ethernet point-to-point (P2P)

Message 4 of Posts: 26, Thanks: Fixes: My preferred solution would be to put a router beside the master socket and then you can run any length of ethernet cable to your PC. Message 5 of Message 6 of Quote from: nxt Thx for above replies, astarsolutions can you pls explain how 2 run a second master box in line?

Apart from screwing things up do remember that 'phone lines can bite if you happen to have hold of them when someone calls you! Don't do it. Message 7 of


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